Baby Bluebirds Have Hatched!

Five eggs found in Naked Mountain Bluebird nest box on May 31st.

Since the May 29th post updating you on the Naked Mountain bluebird box alot has happened. When I took the May 28th photo, only two eggs were in the nest. On May 31st, three days later, I found a total of five eggs in the nest. I didn’t check the box again until June 20th, three weeks later.  This is what I found:

Baby bluebirds found in nest box on June 20th.

Do you count four baby bluebirds, or five?

Then today, June 27th I checked again.  Here they are:

How many do you think there are?  While I was taking the photo, one of the parents perched in a nearby tree was chip-calling quietly, but persistently.  Earlier in the day, while crouched in my spying spot about twenty feet away from the nest box, I could hear the babies crying for attention when a parent arrived with an insect in its beak. But when I opened the lid on top of the box to take the photo, they were still and quiet.  I think the parent’s warning chip-calls were well understood and heeded!

I will not return to Naked Mountain to check on the box until July 23rd.  According to my Bird Behavior guide by Donald and Lillian Stokes, if everything goes ok, the nestlings will be gone.  They will have fledged.  This is what my book says about this phase:

“On their first flight, the nestlings are often capable of flying seventy-five to a hundred yards, often landing in the lower branches of trees and then working their way up to the higher branches. They usually start to give the Tur-a-wee call as soon as they leave the nest and this may help the parents locate them during food trips. Both parents will usually continue to feed the young for three to four weeks or more. However, if the female starts in on another brood, the male will do all the feeding of the fledglings.”

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Baby Bluebirds Have Hatched!

  1. Your bluebird posting is a great lift knowing another bluebird family has grown and you bluebird community is bigger! Maybe there will be another brood before summer ends. Joy.

  2. Hi Marcia, cleaning out a desk and found an old page of addresses with your name on it as well. Couldn’t resist googling you and found your wonderful blog. Fabulous pictures.

    Regards, Betty

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