Thrilled to be a Finalist for Two Book Awards

As a brand new author, I am elated to be selected as a finalist for the just announced Foreward INDIES Book of the Year Award #ForewardINDIES. A few months ago I was selected as a finalist for the USA Best Book Awards. This is not only more than I ever expected, it is also interesting that I have been selected under two different categories:  Nature for Foreward INDIES and Memoir under USA Book Awards. I think this reflects the strong dual aspects of the Naked Mountain story. In fact, the blurring of categories is a trend that the Managing Editor of Forward Reviews, Howard Lovy comments on:

“As we spent the past few months examining thousands of books sent to our office here in Traverse City, Michigan, and narrowing them down to these INDIES Book of the Year Awards finalists, we found that we could easily move many of them around from genre to genre. I think this is a great trend, this blurring of lines between traditional categories. And the independent publishing community is best equipped to deal with it.”

The exhilaration of yesterday’s announcement was tripled when I saw who else is competing within the Nature category:  Terry Tempest Williams, a seasoned, spiritual writer of the Western natural experience and renowned naturalist and lepidopterist, Robert Michael Pyle. To be selected alongside these giants of natural world writing is breathtaking for me.

But as exciting as it is to be recognized by professionals, the most rewarding experience of being an author has been the response of readers. I have been deeply touched by the different ways the story of Naked Mountain has reached people of varying experiences and backgrounds.

One final recent delight was handing a copy of Naked Mountain to my GYN-Oncologist, Dr. Robert Bristow. He traveled to Baltimore last week from his current home in Southern California to participate in an event at The Johns Hopkins Medical Center honoring him through the establishment of a new surgical fellowship in his name. He gave a presentation summarizing the findings of twenty years of his own research on medical disparities in the field of ovarian cancer treatment. I was aware of his major findings, which have been published, among other places, in the New York Times. I incorporate them into author talks I give about the book. The copy I gave Dr. Bristow was signed and the note I wrote said, “Thank you for giving me more years of life.”

Photo:  Dr. Robert Bristow with fellow ovarian cancer survivors Ginny Corson and the author, Marcia Mabee at The Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore.